ED4700: Fundamentals of Instruction: I have taught for 1 semester this required course for the Teacher Education Program as an adjunct instructor at the Michigan Technological University.

The course focuses on developing future Middle and High School teachers’ general pedagogical knowledge and skills. Future teachers acquire basic lesson planning skills, become able to select appropriate teaching methods (direct/indirect), design effective formative and summative assessments and incorporate appropriate technology to promote engagement and support learning.

A small group of 10 students were registered for the course and all of them planned to teach in a high school STEM field. Most of the students had a major and minor subject concentration (e.g., Physics, Science, Biology,Chemistry, Math Education). The textbook selected by the Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences was Dr. Duplass’s Middle and High School Teaching: Methods, Standards and Best Practices published in 2005.



EDPSY 10: Individual Differences and Education: I have taught for 4 semesters this general education course as a graduate instructor at The Pennsylvania State University.

The course reviews theoretical frameworks of child development in the physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional domains, overviews individual differences attending to ethnic, cultural, and gender differences, and explores the implications of these variations in PreK-12 school settings.

The majority of the students registered in EDPSY 10 were education and kinesiology students for whom the course is a major requirement. A few psychology, music, and business students also registered for the course. The class capacity was 50 students. The selected textbook was Dr. Berk’s Infant, Children, & Adolescents (6th Edition).