Educational Psychology is the branch of psychology concerned with studying how people learn from instruction, and with developing educational materials, programs, and techniques that enhance learning. Educational psychologists conduct scientific research both to advance theory-such as explaining how people learn, teach, and differ from one another-and to advance practice-such as determining how to improve learning.  Educational psychologists are concerned with learning and teaching for people from infancy through old age, in school and outside of school.

Division of Educational Psychology, American Psychological Association.

My EDPSY Research Endeavors 

Examining Higher Order Thinking Skills

Through the educational psychology research I conduct I aim to assess and promote through the development of appropriate educational materials two higher order thinking skills:

Creative Problem Solving: It represents a goal directed cognitive process that results in the production of original and effective solutions (Andiliou, 2012).

Argumentation Skills: The ability to formulate and weigh arguments for and against a course of action, a point of view, or a solution to a problem and they include the skill to generate reasons, offer evidence, and provide counterarguments and rebuttals (Kuhn, 1991).

Dissertation Study: The effect of an argumentation diagram on the self-evaluation of a creative solution.

The study aimed to examine creative problem solving performance in undergraduate students and investigate the type of tasks (e.g., argumentation or explanation) that support reflective self-evaluations of creative solutions. Four research questions were posted:

  1. What is the content of creative solutions forwarded to a course design problem?
  2. How do students conceptualize creative outcomes?
  3. How do individual differences in divergent thinking, need for cognition, beliefs about creative outcomes, and academic major impact the creativity of a solution with respect to its (a) originality and (b) effectiveness?
  4. To what extent does an argumentation diagram support the self-evaluation of a solution?dis_abs

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