About αndriα

It was late May 2004 my senior year at the University of Cyprus. It was already hot enough to seek a cool shelter on the first floor of my house, trying to get through my ambitious senior year project about the development of creativity in early and middle childhood.

I remember myself  drowning in all kind of readings (e.g., handbooks, research papers and books) about creativity and growing impatient about the arrival of more books that I ordered online. I also recall myself thinking “A lot of people become intrigued by creativity but how do they manage to persist researching and teaching about creativity?”

Years later I realized that my own search for answers about creativity and in particular human’s ability to solve problems creatively, drove me to join the creativity research community.

During my graduate studies at The Pennsylvania State University I was involved in teaching, research, and instructional consulting, which all required creative problem solving. After all according to the philosopher Karl R. Popper “all life is problem solving” and I am confident that my studies in Educational Psychology enhanced my ability to come up with new and effective solutions to problems relevant to teaching and learning.

A more comprehensive description of the knowledge and skills that I have developed is outlined in my Curriculum Vitae and my teaching philosophy provides a narrative of how I believe teaching and learning happen and how these belies inform my teaching practice.